Tuesday, February 17, 2015

The Origins and Present

Thanksgiving (The Origins and Present)

Perhaps we've all heard about Thanksgiving Day - a national holiday, which is an integral part of the culture of countries such as the United States and Canada. In Canada, Thanksgiving Day is celebrated on the second Monday in October, while in the US eat fried little idea on the fourth Thursday of November. It was Thanksgiving Day gives green light to the rest mass of the holidays, including Christmas and, of course, New Year's Eve.

Thanksgiving Day holiday has religious roots. Once all American families gathered around the table, to thank God for a good harvest and prosperity that has befallen their home. Over time, the holiday has become a national celebration, and people consider it my civic duty to celebrate this momentous day.

The roots of this holiday goes back in American history, to the very first settlers from England, who came to the shores of America in 1620 at the now famous ship "Mayflower." They landed after a hard voyage on a stormy ocean in the current Massachusetts chilly November afternoon and founded Plymouth Colony.

More than half of the estimated hundreds of arrivals were not able to survive the harsh winter and died from cold, hunger and disease. After treatment while held very primitive ways. The survivors founded a colony in the spring with the help of local Indians, primarily Squanto who taught them what crops to grow and how this inhospitable rocky soil, proceeded to land cultivation. Suddenly became a rich harvest of reward for their efforts. The first governor William Bradford colonists offered to spend a day bringing gratitude to the Lord. On the feast of autumn 1621 the Pilgrim Fathers invited the leader and another 90 Indians of the tribe that helped them survive in unfamiliar conditions. This meal, divided with the Indians, and was the first celebration of Thanksgiving Day. Subsequently, the colonists celebrated a good harvest festivals Thanksgiving from case to case.

Officially, Thanksgiving was approved by Congress in 1941, and at the same time Theodore Roosevelt signed the bill, according to which a tribute to God must be given every fourth Thursday of November. As you can see, to this day, nothing has changed.
Have not changed and customs of celebrating Thanksgiving Day. American and Canadian families are also sit at the table and, as expected, each of the family members to thank God for all the good things that happened in their lives. Always present on the tables stuffed turkey and pumpkin pie.

In honor of Thanksgiving Day in the City of Lights New York annually arranged a grand parade, sponsored by advocates for nearly a century department store chain Macy's.