Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Jacaranda Wood

Jacaranda Wood, giving Beauty and Good Fortune

Great lover of tropical climate is Jacaranda - a plant belonging to the family Bignoniaceae. The beauty of this evergreen tree is that, roughly, from October to December, and during this period it pleases their flowering, the branches covered bluish or violet cloud of flowers. However, there are some species of this plant with white, yellow and even purple flowers.

At home Jacaranda (South America), it is often called a tree fern due to the great similarity of leaf shape. Over two years, provided that there will be necessary for normal growth, the plant can to two meters in height. Throughout his long life, Jacaranda can grow up to 30 meters.

In some countries, this tree is so loved by all that it can be found on almost every street. Thousands of simultaneously flowering trees can envelop the city bluish haze, and his feet prostelit magical purple carpet. Where Jacaranda blooms, the air is saturated with warmth and romanticism. Many believe it can bring good luck. Perhaps that is why many families after the birth of a child in the courtyard planted this wonderful plant.

Today, Jacaranda can be seen not only in South America, but also in Mexico, the United States, Israel, India and other countries where it enjoys no less popular. Use this plant is not only for the greening of the streets, but also for the production of lumber, and here in Brazil, for example, is made of Jacaranda beautiful acoustic guitar.