Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Looking into the Clouds

Looking into the Clouds from Matt Molloy

City of Bath (Ontario, Canada) is home to a talented young photographer Matt Molloy (Matt Molloy), which in some incredible way possible to "dorisovyvat" captured landscapes. Work, complemented by bright colors, a very colorful and artistic. They are not as simple as might seem at first glance. Looking at pictures of him, did not immediately believe that the sight of painting and a digital image.

As a rule, the pictures you can see the Canadian photographer of great beauty blurred sky. In order to get this one amazing shot Matt has to use up to two hundred photos to create which has been used time-lapse mode. Application of this method allows images to fill vital energy. As a result - each work out the unusual and original. Often, these landscapes are used to create these colorful interior decoration as vinyl stickers.

Photographer gives the opportunity to see everything what could be clouds: light and transparent, quickly running through the sky or, conversely, low and sullen, reluctant sailing to the horizon line. Individual waves and inspiring theme photos are beautiful clouds shrouded sunset sun rays.

A similar technique has been used much earlier, but only for shooting in the dark. The idea to do so daily photo belongs to Molly.

A series of his landscapes with blur effect, allows you to see the length of time a few hours in a single shot. Looking at the same unique landscapes Matt Molloy with delightful clouds in the title role, you realize that the pictures are made by man, in love with the sky.