Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Fantastic Pictures of Flowers

Fantastic Pictures of Flowers from Tatiana Kondratova

Art and technological progress have always worked closely together. And now there is the same tendency, which resemble the original T-shirts, as well as the work of the artist Tatiana Kondratova. A native of Russia has demonstrated an excellent symbiosis of art and the world of high technology, presenting your digital pictures.

Robots Kondratova impressively bright and dynamic, which simply will not allow to look away from the picture. When you look at these flowers on a black background, as if immersed in another reality, filled with digital painting. At first glance, the flower look very realistic, but when longer look at the pictures, you realize that this is just a beautiful illusion. I would like to applaud the standing man who could create such a miracle, though not without the help of a computer. Now, perhaps, it is necessary to say a few words about the artist. Tatiana Kondratova not finished renowned art schools: she veterinarian by profession. But this, as you can see, has not stopped her to devote his life to contemporary art and delight us with their wonderful drawings.

If someone liked the work of artists, they should look to other contemporary artists who do not work with colors, and with the pixels. These include Torkil Gudnason and photographer, who also do not mind to attract the audience and fashionable designs. At the very least, such a conclusion can be made ​​acquainted with his art project "E-bloom." “Greetings to all visitors, I'm glad that you come on my page. I was born and raised in Moscow, traveled to our country. I'm not an artist, a veterinarian, though all his life a little watercolor paint. "