Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Animal Legend

White Lion (Animal Legend)

Looking at the White Lion, who recently was considered only the character of African dowry, involuntarily begin to believe in the legend which says about the divine messenger, sent by the gods to earth to save mankind from a terrible curse that carries terrible disease. It is designed to protect the White Lion people and teach them how to deal with different ailments.

What is the truth in this legend no one cannot say for sure, but all the people, especially the Dark Continent, an animal sacred worship. In 1975, an expedition was organized specifically, in order to prove to the world that this animal is not somebody's fantasy and fiction that it really exists.

Joy knew no bounds when the vast savanna were found three beautiful white lion cubs. Kids were given such protection, which would be the envy of the current high-ranking person. Still, after all they have been assigned high hopes on further breeding lions with an unusual color.

All works and efforts were crowned with success. Today, there are three hundred representatives of this breed. Most of them are residents of the vast reserve Sanbon (South Africa). Maybe for someone this number may seem a drop in the sea, but if you take into account how it all began, the result is really great.

Many famous zoos many are willing to sacrifice in order to get yourself such a nice predator. The cost of an exotic animal, which ranges from $ 150,000, fully justified its majestic beauty.