Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Immortality for a Wonderful

Paper flowers Helen Frances (Immortality for a Wonderful)

Flowers - an integral part of human life. They accompany him throughout his life. Especially partial to the colors of women. Some like gentle chamomile, others - prickly rose, but they are all looking forward to this reverent gift symbolizing love, tenderness, loyalty. The only thing spared many, looking at a beautiful bouquet, so it is that this beauty is not devoted so much time.

Extend the life of the flowers, or rather make them imperishable decided artist Helen Frances. In her art studio Frances & Francis, it works wonders - creates colors of paper, which in its beauty is not much different from the present.

What Helen Frances engaged in the small town of St Albans can be called a brave challenge to nature. Plain paper (colored or dyed) becomes in the hands of talented artists in a variety of colors, which are then attached to the living branches. In this "plant" will be long admired in a vase, because the time it will not subject for sure. The only thing lacking in artificial flowers, it's heady aroma of fresh flowers, which can sometimes simply turn the head.

Helen Francis inspire the creation of such masterpieces managed her beloved grandfather, who always supported her in everything and more than anyone else happy its success. It is in his honor with the times and was named an art studio. Thus, she returned thanks to his grandfather for his understanding and care.
All colors from Frances & Francis neatly packed in boxes, which is very convenient for transportation. Get a gift for an anniversary or simply as a sign of attention will be more than pleased.