Wednesday, February 18, 2015

While Balancing Stones

While Balancing Stones an Art from Michael grabs


As a child, many of us were building towers out of scrap materials, imagining that it is a house or castle. But American Michael grabs (Michael Grab) suffered a childhood hobby into his adult life - in front of astonished spectators, he creates incredible installation of the most common stones that literally lying at his feet. Mike popularity is so high that many admirers of his talent buying tours in the United States, if only to look at the process of creating unusual sculptures.

Michael runs a landscape designer in Colorado (USA), but he became a local celebrity due to his unusual hobby. Wherever he was, he always builds stone sculptures without the use of any materials at hand fastening. Many do not believe that the stones just masterfully laid out on each other, because such towers seem to deny the laws of gravity, but, nevertheless, it is.

The secret of the magic of Michael grabs that he is able to find the "stone" balance, building each shape so that each of its detail, teetering on the brink, held in place. This art has long been known to people, as has long been used in balancing stones meditative purposes. Indeed, in the process of finding the perfect equilibrium point for a stone man practically disables your thoughts of all superfluous, focusing only on the job.

So does Michael grabs - he may spend long hours to create their masterpieces, which, moreover, are very short-lived, but it gets from a real pleasure. And we can admire in the photo etched unusual sculptures created by this talented and stubborn man.