Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Snakehead Fish

The exterior of this fish there is nothing from the snake, and her head usual. The main habitat of its habitat are considered to be China's water from the Yangtze River to the Russian Amur. However, apart from these areas snakehead bred in different water bodies of Russia and CIS countries. The average size of the fish is 110 cm and weighs 10 kg.

Snakehead - a predator. In his food ration includes juvenile fish (mainly carp and bream), insects along with their larvae, and butterflies mayflies during their mass flight, as well as frogs and tadpoles. Thanks to these features our hero safely inhabit shallow waters zamornye in which "live" Non-commercial and trash fish.

Snakehead - fish not quite normal. He has special authorities, allowing him to breathe atmospheric air. Thanks to this feature, it must periodically rise to the surface for a breath of air. These things supplement helps him stay alive even when extracted from the water for 3-4 days.

Snakehead spawns at the end of the first half of the summer. Before the start of spawning male and female trying to arrange a cozy nest in one of the coastal areas. For this purpose they release the bottom portion of the vegetation and the water surface of about 1 meter in diameter. The female lays eggs in batches, several times. This occurs up to five times. Sweeps caviar floats on water for 2-3 days, and then begin to emerge from her first larvae. Initially they hold in the nest, under close guard parents.

Lifestyle snakehead very similar to the pike, so his fishing tackle for practically do not differ from the pike. The only difference is in season and fishing practices. Most catch ability tackle zherlitsy considered that "charges" bait fish or frog.

Sufficiently high efficiency blesnenie shows, both on the wavering, and the spinners. Since snakehead fish in reservoirs have to overgrown grass, it becomes highly desirable use of uncoupled tees.

Well caught our hero as the bottom and float rod. In this case, the role of the nozzle is best to take the worm, a frog or a small bait fish. And it is not necessary to worry about the state of the latter. Even as snuloy, fish is an excellent bait for snakehead.

From snap recommended single fish hooks №12, dull floats and twine-section 0.5 - 0.7 mm. Since snakehead - fish active and large, the use of a thin line often leads to a cliff.

The most common way of catching snakehead float rod is considered wiring. Desirable - from a boat. Encouraged the use of bait. Boats can be used a variety of designs, but the best option is considered a wooden punt. Setting per se across the current, below it there is almost no whirlpools that constantly occurs when using keel models.

Technique of fishing snakehead is somewhat different from other ways of catching fish. It consists in the fact that becoming a boat somewhat higher lured space, equipment, consisting of baited hooks and fixed two feet from him sinkers carefully dropped overboard and send it downstream. If after going through lured penny she went unnoticed, try repeating after checking all safety gear. When necessary, it should be corrected or replaced.

Should not expect an indispensable bite. According to statistics, even in the rich waters snakehead could be effective only every tenth wiring. If the fish pecked - will not be bored. Bring the boat and pulled into abutting the fish is a very difficult task.