Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Stunning Landscape Photography

Stunning landscape Photography by James Appleton,England

The world in which we live - amazingly beautiful place, but very often we do not notice this. But young British self-taught photographer James Appleton (James Appleton) can be found on the ground most stunning landscapes and artfully captures their memory with the camera, so much so that his work may well pass for a picture of the tapestry.

At home, James is known as the architectural and wedding photographer, but the real vocation of this talented 27-year-old boy has become a landscape photography in which he achieved considerable success. To make a great shot, James has traveled many countries - apart from his native England, he went to Switzerland, Thailand, Iceland, Scotland, Zambia and other countries, and everywhere found incredible landscapes, worthy of being etched his camera.

James himself describes itself as an extreme person who is successful in finding angles are not able to go a mile and climb to the top of the insurmountable. To take a picture of a volcanic eruption Fimvorduhals (Fimmvorduhals) in Iceland, which happened in 2010, he picked him for quite a dangerous distance. James also complicated the work and the fact that he had to bear the tridtsatikilogrammovoe fotosnaryazhenie, but the efforts were not in vain photographer - then his work had a huge success on the Internet.

James Appleton talent did not go unnoticed - in his young age he has already repeatedly became the winner of many prestigious awards, and his photographs have appeared in internationally renowned journals level National Geographic.