Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scorpion Ambon

Scorpion Ambon Pearl Ocean Waters

Oceans hides in its depths a lot of surprises. One of these may be called Scorpion Ambon - one of the most beautiful fish in the world. Even more interesting about the underwater world can be found by opening the magazine about fishing.

And we return to the story of Scorpion Ambon, which was opened and investigated in 1856. Usual miracle fish in the waters of the Indian and Pacific Oceans. Found off the coast of Australia and Fiji, as well as in the Yellow and the Red Sea. SCORPIO lives near the shore at the bottom of the pond. This fish - are not uncommon, but its expressive appearance cannot help but attract attention.

Scorpion Ambon can be easily identified by the so-called "eyebrows" - its characteristic growths over the eyes. Fish can change the color, and even has a wool shed periodically. All body Scorpion harbor poisonous spines that help fish to defend themselves in case of attack. Thorns increased with the appearance of danger. By the way, their venom is so strong that it is capable of a few moments to kill a man.

Ambon scorpion fish - hidden predator. She, as a partisan, waits at the bottom of the sea victim. Such hunting contributes to its ability to change color, so it can easily blend with the surrounding ocean scenery. Hunts like this: while the victim floats before Scorpion, fish makes a sharp leap forward and pulls his victim. Living scorpion Ambon, usually alone. Would you like to meet such an amazing fish?