Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Weed robes

Eco Collection Weed robes (Beauty one day)

Nature inspires a lot of people in the arts. Canadian artist Nicole Dekstras did not stay on the sidelines and has created a unique collection of clothing Weed robes, the main material for which was not silk and cashmere does not, and weeds and flowers from the garden.

Nicole Dekstras in 1986 graduated from the Canadian College of Art Emily Carr. Prior to this, Nicole studied at the School of Art Kootenay, where she learned the basic directions of art, design and dance. The idea of ​​creating along with natural materials visited the artist in 2007. Now Nicole masterpieces demonstrate in many Canadian cities.

Flowers, fruits and weeds in the hands of Nicole Dekstras turn into a real freshen floral masterpiece. Men's and women's dresses from Dekstras - are manifestations of a unique symbiosis between man and his natural environment, its relationship with Mother Earth.

Creative Nicole Dekstras only works with environmentally friendly materials that will soon fade and will not leave any trace. It may sound sad, but the picture - it's the only memory of the wonderful dresses of the artist, because, as already mentioned, short-lived and impractical garments soon fade. Works fighter for ecology Nicole Dekstras someone may seem ridiculous, but they have an idea. The artist shows the harmony of the body and the earth, which is lacking in today's world.