Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Whale Shark

If you choose the largest inhabitant of the deep sea among fish, the answer is unequivocal - the whale shark. Do not think that the blue whale is the leader in the fish kingdom. The fact that it does not refer to the fish, but belongs to a mammal.

Let's find out more about this representative of the fishing world. It should be noted immediately that the whale shark is different from the usual representatives of sharks. If we know them as dangerous and aggressive fish, our fish giant known for its peaceful behavior. Any scuba diver underwater in advance by purchasing inventory, which offers fishing online store can swim next to it.
The very long shark reaches an average of 12 meters, although there have been reported cases of detection giants up to 20 meters. This fish swims slowly, usually its rate is within five miles per hour. During power it opens its mouth, and get there clouds of plankton and other small marine life. In its jaws, there are about 35,000 small sharp teeth. This fish is easily distinguished from other members of sharks - dark blue or brown leather strewn with white and yellow spots. But it is much easier to understand what the whale shark is? just by looking at its size.

Lately, this shark species population falls. Despite the fact that imposed strict bans on catching a whale shark poachers break the law and catch it on an industrial scale. Marine giant is now on the verge of extinction, not only because of the capture, but also because of the extremely slow rate of reproduction.