Monday, February 23, 2015

Inveraray Castle

Inveraray Castle in Scotland (United Kingdom)

Castles of Scotland - this is something special and unique. Once the construction of fortifications was a necessity, since constantly were wars between countries, and sometimes between neighboring clans. But if medieval castles, fortresses affect its severity and inaccessibility, the Scottish castles, built by following the XVII century, distinguished elegance, sophistication and at the same time some special sublimity. It is in this palace of the fairy tale is the Castle Inveraray (Inveraray Castle), which can still be seen on the shores of Loch Fyne. This beautiful building, built of local stone, which gives the castle an amazing greenish-blue tint.

The castle was built relatively recently, in 1745, on the site of the ruins. Manage the project, made by Sir John Vanbrugh, architects Roger Morris and William Adams. Palace made in the Gothic Revival style. In 1877 there was a strong fire, after which it was necessary to reconstruct a building. Then we decided to add towers that made the castle even more beautiful and easily recognizable.

The castle was the property of the Campbells, who were one of the most powerful and influential clans of Scotland. Until now their descendants live in the castle of Inveraray, which is their own, so in some parts of the building tourists are not allowed. Indoors there are shops for tourists, where you can even buy products for the office.

The interiors of the castle, designed by Robert Milne, magnificent and luxurious. It is in Inveraray Castle first appeared bathroom inside the building. Here you can see antique furniture, porcelain collection, as well as a collection of paintings, among which is the famous work Rebёrna, Ramsay, Gainsborough. A special pride of the castle - his Arms hall, which, moreover, is the highest room of Scotland - ceiling height is located at 21 meters. Here assembled a magnificent collection of weapons, namely swords, shields and spears, some of which could take part in the Battle of Kollodene.

You can view and save drums, banners. Tourists are allowed to inspect the salon for guest’s Victorian room where you can admire antique furniture, as well as a collection of Oriental and European porcelain. Around the castle lie the magnificent gardens. There is at the castle and its secrets. Talk about the secret passages, secret rooms, and the ghosts of dead harpist who likes to roam the halls.

Amazingly beautiful, both inside and outside, Inveraray Castle will move from the modern world metropolises in a measured way of life in Scotland. It seems unusual that next to the bustling cities still stand true castles in which they live heirs of high-profile names, as if it was not these centuries, for which the world has changed beyond recognition.