Monday, February 23, 2015

Ashford Castle

Ashford Castle in Ireland

The west of Ireland is one of the most interesting sights - Ashford Castle (Ashford Castle). It was built on the shores of Lough Corrib, near the Congo River, near the village of Cong.

It was built of the family de Bourg in 1228. Dynasty founded by William de Bourg, who in 1203 was able to defeat the rulers O'Konnarov. He soon died from the disease, and his children to do the construction of the castle, which was owned by the family for over 300 years. In 1584 the governor of Connacht became Sir Richard Bingham, and many families, including Burke, took part in the uprising against the government.

Bingham ordered to hang a few members of this illustrious family and bulldoze some locks that belonged to them, and also decided to confiscate all property. Was a series of clashes between Bingham and family de Burkov, but in 1587 it was possible to conclude an armistice. In 1589, became the owner of the castle Ashford Bingham. However, the queen had already in 1596, tired of his cruelty and making sure that Bingham could not cope with the rebellious Irish, withdrew him from the country. In 1715 the castle became the property of Baron Oranmore Brown, who has built on its territory elegant palace.

In 1852, he decided to buy Benjamin Lee Guinness. He was quite a wealthy man, and did much to preserve the monuments of Irish heritage. The castle was enlarged Ashford area, made new roads, planted trees, as well as to it was attached two wings. His son, who was granted the title of Lord Ardilona, ​​after his father's death most of the time spent in the castle and put a lot of effort and money in its development.

For a while, the castle belonged to the family until it was sold to Noel Haggard. It was a well-known entrepreneur in the hospitality industry who turned Ashford hotel. It often rested wealthy John Mulcahy, who so loved the castle, he decided to buy it. Following the acquisition of Ashford he spent restoration, increasing the size of the building and furnish lawns and gardens. Gradually, the castle became the best hotel in Ireland. Some of the rooms "modernize" setting benq projector to show movies. Projectors of this type can be purchased at Then lock several times resold.

Now this magnificent structure, which once inhabited by celebrities such as John Lennon, President Reagan, Brad Pitt and others. This five-star hotel, in which 85 rooms and several exquisitely decorated rooms. Visitors will enjoy a wonderful kitchen, a wellness center with sauna, spa treatments and with all modern amenities. In 2012, he was recognized as the best resort in Ireland.

Sure, it's a historic building - the most interesting architectural monument, where the tourist can, not looking up from the modern world with all its amenities in touch with the history of Ireland.