Monday, February 23, 2015

Chats-worth House

Chats-worth House

(A Harmonious Combination of Luxury with Art)

Manor Chatsworth House (Chats-worth House) is considered one of the most luxurious in England, at the time the writer Daniel Defoe called it the most beautiful in the world. Refinement of the architectural composition of the palace complex allow many experts compare this vibrant cultural attractions of the country with the famous castle Howard or Blenheim Palace.

The construction of this beautiful manor was started in the fifties of the sixteenth century, when Elizabeth of Hardwick and her husband Sir Cavendish purchased Chatsworth estate. Was originally built a beautiful house, and not far from it to build a hunting lodge and a tower.

In the seventeenth century the estate passed into the possession of the Dukes of Devonshire, who initially almost nothing changes in the architecture of the buildings, but the interior of the palace added beautiful collections of paintings, drawings and coins. Large-scale reconstruction of the estate was held in the middle of the eighteenth century by the famous architect James Paine was completed a new wing in the northern part of the estate.

Amazing decoration estates become garden, which covers an area of ​​forty acres and park area of ​​four hectares. In those days, the gardens of the estate Chatsworth House considered the most famous in Europe.

It is noteworthy that in our time are the descendants of the owners of the estate of the Dukes of Devonshire. The doors of the mansion with magnificent art collections open to the public, as Chatsworth House rents for filming movies.