Monday, February 23, 2015

Schwerin Castle

Schwerin Castle in Germany

In Germany, a lot of attractions, including the ancient castles. One of the most striking examples can be considered majestic Schwerin Castle, which was built on its own island in the city of Schwerin. Many believe that the most beautiful castle looks from the air, but its interiors and gardens deserve far less attention.

Now the building is Schwerin Castle parliament of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. Previously, it was used as a residence for the Dukes, then as a banquet hall for weddings. Like many other objects of this type, the castle has undergone several destructions and reconstructions. To date, it is included in UNESCO World Heritage Site and is protected by all available means.

If you plunge into the story, then we should start with 923 AD, when the island is generally located fort. In the 12th century the German nobles came here and destroyed almost to strengthen the foundation. However, in the future, it was decided that this place can be used for the construction of a massive structure. Work began on the construction of a new fort, and subsequently he was repeatedly refined and modified. All this has made the object habitable royals.

In the 16th century it almost completely lost its defenses and turned into a comfortable residence for top officials. During the following centuries the castle was rebuilt, but suddenly raided by the Thirty Years War and in the country there were other concerns. Only in the 19th century reconstruction finally completed, and everything was done was in the French Renaissance style.

The story of the castle is not over. In December 1913, there occurred a large fire which destroyed about a third of the building. His newly restored and turned into a museum, as in 1918, the Duke officially resigned. Now here again is the government, and constant renovation turned into a tradition of work on the construction modifications are carried out in our time.