Friday, February 20, 2015

Kite Bay

Kite Bay (Fortress with a difficult Fate)

The history of the fortress Kite Bay, which is located on the Mediterranean coast, has its origins in the fifteenth century. That's when the Mamluk Sultan Saif Qaitbay ordered to build fortifications to protect the city of Alexandria from Ottoman aggression.

An interesting fact is that the citadel was founded on the site of the famous Lighthouse of Alexandria, which is one of the seven wonders of the world and was destroyed at one time by a strong earthquake. At the same time, according to experts, the fragments of the ancient ruins of the lighthouse were used for the construction of the fortress.

The fate of the fortifications of Qaitbay was not easy, because it is protecting an important port of the Mediterranean, has been repeatedly subjected to attacks and destruction. But, despite this, the citadel was able to survive to the present day, though, of course, its walls are not just rebuilt and restored. If you would like to visit this attraction, buy tours to Egypt on This is the best price-performance ratio.

For more than five hundred years fortress arrived in the possession of the Ottoman Empire, the soldiers who managed to capture the Qaitbay. Could not resist the famous Egyptian outpost before the French army, which under the leadership of Napoleon effortlessly mastered them.

I want to emphasize that the Sultan Muhammad Ali in the first quarter of the nineteenth century was quite an effort to regain its former power of the fortress. Just during his reign Qaitbay was equipped with modern on shore while the weapon, it again becomes a formidable defense of the port city.

But in a restored castle is not able stood a century, she has been severely damaged by British troops during the Revolution Arabi, held in the early eighties of the nineteenth century. For several decades, Kite Bay is in a dilapidated state until King Farouk did not restore it, and then began to use the fortifications as the estate for personal recreation.

After the Revolution, held in Egypt in 1952, Kite-Bey was placed under the patronage of the Maritime Museum of the country. At the end of the last century, at the initiative of the Egyptian authorities in the fortress were made grandiose reconstruction work involving well-known architects and historians. Builders are recreated almost original form of this vibrant attractions of Egypt.