Friday, February 20, 2015

Shark Diving

Shark diving in Gansbaai (Africa)

Gansbaai - a small fishing town in Africa, which is filled with tourists who want to be locked in a metal cage and attacked by bloodthirsty sharks. Why not?

Do not quite understand why people are so willing to pay for diving with sharks, embodying the most terrible nightmares. Apparently, tourists wish to receive sailed adrenaline. Also, in the cell, they will feel very safe. Total in Gansbaai are eight tour operators, service providers shark diving.

As a rule, a diving excursion in the shark cage takes 3-5 hours of time. Wanting to put in a boat and sent to the island of  Dyer, where ever there is a large concentration of sharks.

Boat fixed very close to the place where a lot of bloodthirsty sharks dwells, finished his teeth for any prey. When the water thrown head of tuna, you will notice a lot of shark fins, as in cartoons. At this point, you have to jump into the cage, which is attached to the boat, and after immersion in water to begin contemplation ruthless predators.

The thrill and adrenaline rush? Yes I Am. Beautiful underwater scenery? Yes I Am. The best way to get acquainted with the bloodthirsty near ocean's top predator? Yes I Am. Sight for the faint of heart? Definitely not.

When diving into the water depends on weather conditions, so in Gansbaai should stay for a few days. In this area is full of attractions, so tourists are certainly not bored. From June to December in ocean waters can also be found southern right whales, which adds even more impressions from the trip.