Saturday, February 14, 2015

Supreme Harmony

Palace of Supreme Harmony in Hue


Vietnam is famous for its architectural monuments. One of the most interesting buildings in this country is considered to Thai Hoa Palace, located near the city of Hue. This extraordinarily beautiful building to see which attracts millions of tourists.

Thai Hoa Palace, or as it is called, the Palace of Supreme Harmony, was built in 1805 during the reign of Emperor Gia Long. It used to be subordinate to the emperor going to his great command. Once upon a time it was held in the palace all significant events related to the royal family and considered the activities of national importance: the birthdays of members of the royal family or the solemn coronation of the new rulers.

The palace consists of two parts: the main building, which contains 5 huge halls, as well as additional facilities, which are 7 rooms. The palace is incredibly beautiful and richly decorated. Especially memorable columns of the Palace of bright red color, which are decorated with gorgeous golden dragons.

Thai Hoa Palace is also called Supreme Harmony. This can be seen at the main entrance of the building, over which hangs a sign with hieroglyphs. She reported the second name of the palace. It was chosen not by chance. The entire building as it is the personification of harmony: and its interior decoration, and the appearance and location of the premises. Even the temperature inside the rooms is always comfortable, no matter what the weather was not outside, cold or intense heat. Most striking acoustic effect of the building, which remains an unsolved mystery to scientists until now. Sitting on the Throne can hear all conversations wherever interlocutors did not communicate.

Inside the Palace attracts attention Golden Throne, covered with a wonderful veil. It is amazingly beautiful, embroidered with dragons and gold threads. Yard decorations are numerous pedestals made ​​of stones. They are magnificent vases, in which rare plants grow. Attendants usually wears bandanas knitted fabric coated with these characters.

Palace of Supreme Harmony - amazingly beautiful building, which is required to visit every tourist, because this unique attraction cannot be ignored.