Saturday, February 14, 2015

End of Highway (US)

Traffic Sign the End of Highway 66


Road sign, located on the edge of the Santa Monica Pier, announces the end of US Route 66 (Route 66). Only the sea could get in the way of the legendary American route, which is called nothing else as "Mother Road."
Oh, perhaps the most popular highway in the United States has long been up legend. It helps to support the economy of the United States during its ups and downs, but it was also a popular migration through from east to west during the "Dusty pot" (series of dust storms) in the 30-ies of the last century. And, despite the emergence of new-fangled system interstate highways, Route 66 is still in operation.

Those who have never traveled this route, probably still familiar with the popular song (Route 66), which are mentioned all the stops of the route. Yes, you can hum of the city, through which the highway, but not enough, who knows where, in fact, ends with the famous road.
Many simply believe that Route 66 continues straight to the Pacific Ocean. At first glance, this assumption may seem silly, but, in fact, it is very close to the truth. In an effort to pave the way to the end of the legendary high note, Route 66 Alliance, in collaboration with the Santa Monica Pier Restoration Corp. have teamed up to 83 minutes to create the official anniversary of the staging point for Highway 66.
Road sign to indicate the end of such a long way, has already become a kind of landmark. He was and is the destination of many travelers.