Saturday, February 14, 2015

Quaint House of Dr. Seuss

Quaint house of Dr. Seuss unusual Attraction Alaska


The US state of Alaska - a huge and largely underdeveloped area with majestic scenery, but very cold and harsh climate. Nevertheless, there is actively developing tourism, as a special local flavor, sled dog race and beautiful nature attract more and more people want to plunge into an unusual northern extreme.
Besides the gorgeous natural landscapes, Alaska may surprise and also quite interesting samples of architectural solutions, for creative and outside the box thinking people live everywhere, including here. Therefore, those who dare to visit these frosty and sparsely populated territories, must visit destinations of Willow (Willow) - right there is one of the most unusual and strange buildings of the neighborhood. The original owner of this architectural wonder, the local doctor by the name of Willow began to build his more than ten years ago. The idea of this eccentric and has remained unclear, because he, unfortunately, did not have time to finish his unusual project - to build twelve floors of the building and purchase it for furniture, kitchen utensils and metal first aid kit , doctor died.
As a result, the forest appeared house is not entirely clear structure resembling rather the abode of some eccentric fantastic character, rather than the usual human habitation. In people, this ornate building has long been widely known and even nicknamed "Dr. Seuss House» (Dr. Seuss House).

For a long time the house was unattended until it into a semi-abandoned state not bought a new owner. It happened in 2012, but to date the building is still under construction. Since this is private property, the entrance to the house is closed, but the locals and curious tourists manage to keep under review this attraction from the windows of small private planes flying by.
Today, all looked forward to the completion of the - want to see firsthand what, finally, pour out this crazy idea after all these fancy buildings are not often found not only in Alaska, but also worldwide.