Sunday, February 22, 2015

Stroganov Palace

Stroganov Palace in St. Peters burg(Russia)

One of the brightest representatives of Russian baroque is the Stroganov Palace. For several centuries, Stroganov Palace belonged to a wealthy family Stroganoff, after which, in fact, this attraction gets its name.

Rastrelli (Russian architect of Italian heritage) decided to merge into one house Stroganov Palace, and today we can see a real masterpiece of architecture in the Russian baroque style. It is worth noting that this stylistic direction also followed in the development of most of the interiors of the palace, as well as the construction of the Main Staircase.

At the turn of the XVIII and XIX century on the initiative of Andrei Voronikhin began large-scale reconstruction of the palace. It affected not only the northwest corner of the palace, but other body, where it was created many classic interiors. Finally, in 1842, Peter Gardener was attached to the palace of the general stylistic sound in "Rastrelli spirit."

As reported by the St Petersburg historians, in the XIX century palace was a model of exquisite taste, combining within its walls all the St Petersburg elite of the time. Frequent guests Stroganov Palace were famous poets, writers, artists and musicians.

In 1897, the masses were presented impressive collections Stroganov family. As you know, Stroganov was a great admirer of painting and part-time avid collector of paintings, whose collection includes hundreds of masterpieces. His work was continued by Count SG Stroganov, who was also involved in numismatics and collecting sasadinskogo silver.

In 1917 Stroganov Palace was nationalized, resulting in the "People's House Museum." During the XX century palace building was at the disposal of many tenants (companies' Elektromortrest "," Era ", etc.).

From 1988 to the present day attraction acts as a branch of the Russian Museum.