Sunday, February 22, 2015

Marselisborg Palace

Marselisborg Palace in Aarhus (Denmark)

One of the residences that are considered summer, and belonging to the royal family, is a castle Marselisborg. It got its name in honor of the former owners, family Marselis.

In 1661, the king Frederick III gave their land to collect a debt to the Dutch merchant Gabriel Marselis. For property looked out for his sons, William and Constantine. Later, Constantine was awarded the title of Baron for his service to the country, and the palace was called Marselisborg. But it was not long was the property of a famous family, because difficult financial situation and debt collection forced them to get rid of the property. The castle passed from one owner to another, until in 1896 he became the property of the municipality of Aarhus.

The building was put in order, the restoration engaged Hack Kampmann, who was considered a famous architect Denmark. In 1902, the government decided to make a chic wedding gift to King Christian X and Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, giving them Marselisborg Palace. But when a beautiful queen died, the castle forgotten 15 years, he was abandoned until 1967, it was decided not to restore it. Now it is the summer residence of monarchs. When the family is staying in a castle, you can witness an interesting spectacle: changing of the guard, which takes place at noon. In the building of tourists are not allowed, but if not in the palace of the royal family, you can take a stroll through the park, which also dazzles the senses.

The palace itself Marselisborg - elegant and easy building. Its white walls look very nice on the background of manicured lawns and flowering trees vast garden. This is a typical English landscape park, which is decorated with various sculptures. One of them was created the Prince Consort. Many tourists are delighted with the sculptures Jorn Ronna, who was making them out of tree stumps and fallen trees. Near the entrance you can admire the faun, looking out of the undergrowth, or find among shady trees sculpture "Sleep and infinity" - the image of a girl who is sitting with his eyes closed among the water lilies. Rose lovers must visit a rose garden, where you can see some varieties of roses the Queen Alexandria. Now there are more than 350 different varieties of these beautiful flowers.

Marselisborg Palace - one of the most interesting sights of the city of Aarhus, open to visitors from April to October, unless, of course, at this time in his residence not rest dignitaries.