Sunday, February 22, 2015

Sanded Church

Den Tilsandede Kirke Sanded Church (Denmark)

The northernmost point of Denmark, where touching the Baltic and the North Sea, is considered to be a favorite with many resort towns Skagen. It was at this point prefer to build cottages aristocratic and business elite, come from all over Scandinavia to relax and have a good time. The city was famous for its magnificent views: sand dunes, which was planted with shrubs and trees (pine, rose, sea buckthorn), as well as grass; seashore, where there are two powerful currents that, but do not merge with each other, since they have different density of water.

One of the most popular local attractions is Tilsandede Den-Kirk or "sand in the church," which is also called "burial of the church." She dedicated the St. Lawrence. Famous church is located about two kilometers from the city center. It was built between the thousand three hundred fifty fifth and seventh thousand three hundred eighty years in the Gothic style, it is considered one of the oldest buildings in the city. In 1475 the tower was finished with a stepped gable. Entrance to the church was located on the south, and the sacristy - in the north. The height of the church was about forty-five feet, and the height of the tower was its twenty-two meters. Used for the construction of red brick, and for the tower - yellow, later covered with lime. The material was imported from Holland and Germany.

In the eighteenth century church is partially asleep sand from the nearby dunes. Believers to get in on a regular service, had to dig out the entrance, and it had to do quite often, because sand appeared constantly. The struggle with the elements of the church lasted until 1795, after which the church became abandoned. Time has not been kind to the unique building, the church has fallen, but remained its tower, which is still preserved. Now out of the sand is seen approximately eighteen meters of the tower. This unique building, look at that attracts thousands of tourists, since there is no such second worldwide.

Visit Skagen once advised himself Hans Christian Andersen, who said that here can find inspiration by artists and poets. Probably because of the charming surroundings, this city was chosen by artists who in the mid-nineteenth century organized here the whole settlement. Skagen and its famous sand in church waiting for their visitors, which will be interesting to look at the centuries-old architectural monument.