Sunday, February 22, 2015

Blarney Castle

Blarney Castle in (Ireland)

Symbol of Ireland - Blarney Castle. This is one of the most popular attractions in the country. It is situated in the southern part of Ireland, in the village of Blarney.

The fortress which we can see now, built the famous ruler of Munster Dermot McCarthy in 1446. Prior to this, in the same place is a wooden fortress (X century), which in 1210 was rebuilt in stone castle, but it collapsed due to the problem of the foundation. Particularly impressive is the massive dungeon, wall thickness is equal to 18 feet, and its height - 85 feet.

It is located premises where once lived the family McCarthy, as well as their vassals and knights. The upper part of the keep was added later. On the ground floor you can see the room of the graph, and on the second floor were built to protect the premises and the Great Hall. Of interest is the so-called "room of murderers." It was hidden security and secretly watched by guests who could go from the first floor. If the guest was considered dangerous, it poured the hot liquid or killed by means of arrows.

In the XVI century, Queen Elizabeth I decided that the castle should be her own. She sent the Earl of Leicester for negotiations. However, when he tried to fulfill its mission in the castle organized a grand feast or other entertainment. Queen demanded the report, but only received a long letter, flattering for her, with a florid expressions, but the lock did not become her property. That's when Elizabeth I introduced a new English word "blarney", which means sweet speech.

But the most famous attraction is the Blarney undoubtedly Stone of Eloquence, which is also called the Stone of Blarney. According to legend, King Cormac McCarthy decided to help Robert the Bruce at the Battle of Bannockburn in and sent him 4,000 people. Crowded Thanks, Robert Bruce gave Cormac part of Scone stone. He was placed in the castle walls. There is a legend that anyone who kisses the stone will be eloquent and successful that is, be able to achieve success in politics, war, and even love. Until now, millions of tourists flock to the castle to try out the action on the stone itself.

In one article it is impossible to tell an interesting story of the castle, which is still impressive in its appearance. Severe, and at the same time beautiful, though a bit scary, it attracts attention and gives the feeling that visiting him, managed to plunge into the history of Ireland.