Sunday, February 22, 2015

Arab Cultural Center

Arab Cultural Center in Odessa (Ukraine)

It is known that Odessa is a city of cultural plexus, where a set of representatives of national minorities. One of the largest Diasporas in South Palmyra is the Arab diaspora that is directly connected with the history of the city.

The fact is that once was located on the territory of Odessa Tatar settlement Hadzhibey. Since then, until the arrival of Soviet power in Ukraine Tatar community practice their religion freely and peacefully coexist with local Catholics and Orthodox believers. When the policy of USSR was aimed at the destruction of the Muslim community, the pilgrims had to spend the Friday prayer in secret.

In 1992, after the independence of Ukraine, the Muslim community not only won the right to freedom of religion, but was officially registered.

Ten years later, the businessman and philanthropist Adnan Kevan decided to open in Odessa Arabic cultural center. For the construction of this luxurious space, which today is a popular attraction in Odessa, needed a relatively short period of time - only 2 years.

The author of the architectural project in the Moorish style was Dmitri Povstanyuk. Is this architectural landmark on the street Str. Rishelyevskaya 49? Tourists wishing to visit this attraction, accommodation can choose cheap apartments in Odessa.

Arabic Cultural Center is a place where people can discover Arab culture and, in other words, look at the mysterious eastern world. As exhibits are presented in the center of various cultural sights, and in a special library tourists have the opportunity to meet with the masterpieces of Arabic literature. Moreover, it also provides courses in Arabic.

For tourists Arab Cultural Center is open every day.