Sunday, February 22, 2015

Monastery of the Holy Spirit

Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Aalborg (Denmark)

One of the most popular tourist destinations is the Monastery of the Holy Spirit in Aalborg. It is a beautiful building made of red brick. Cannot help but be interested in murals that can be seen on the walls of the monastery. And the building itself is an interesting example of the architecture of the late middle Ages. It is located almost in the center of Aalborg, near the square and streets Gemmel Torv Aubel Place. In the monastery, there were two wings: the male and female, in which resided, respectively, male and female monk’s nuns. It also makes it special, because then and now monasteries usually collected under one roof people of the same sex.

Monastery of the Holy Spirit - is a historic building dating back several centuries ago. At the beginning of the fifteenth century Olsborg considered wealthy trading city, one of the largest settlements in Europe at that time. Residents of the city are well secured. In the hope of a good wage in the city pulled the poor people who had no money, no job. Rich Maren Hemmings, seeing how hard they have decided to build a shelter where everyone could get a bed and some food. The shelter has become very popular, it gathered all the poor and the sick not only Olsborga, but also its surroundings.

Gave shelter to shelter and food, as well as engaged in treatment of patients with the poor. It’s content to spend the money that people were willing to donate for a good cause. Soon there was a church near the hospital, and in 1431 a monastery, which has become known as "Monastery of the Holy Spirit." But a terrible fire in 1434 destroyed all the buildings, so we had to rebuild the monastery again. In this form it has remained to this day. In August 1451 the building was officially belonged to the famous monastic order of the Holy Spirit.

If the original monastery of the Holy Spirit was not a rich organization, it gradually financial affairs are getting better and better, and in the early 16th century it was fairly well assured. Own farm, a mill, fishing activity and the production of bricks brought considerable income. Often the money donated and guests of the monastery.

During the Reformation, the monastery became a regular hospital and orphanage. Also, there was built a school and a church - destroyed. This decision was made by the city's residents. But since 1953 the monastery again became a religious institution, besides this is where the nursing home is located. Who is the Holy Spirit Monastery is open to visitors.