Saturday, February 21, 2015

Cathedral of St. Budolfi

Cathedral of St. Budolfi in Aalborg (Denmark)

Aalborg is relatively small, but nevertheless, in the streets, you can find ancient architectural monuments, which affects its beauty and grandeur. Many tourists are showing interest in the Cathedral of St. Budolfi, which is the pride of the residents of the city. Its tower is depicted in the logo of the city, and the spire of the length of thirty-five and a half meters, serves as an excellent reference point, because high tower of the cathedral (28 meters) is visible everywhere. It is the spire of the cathedral made famous. Incidentally, in the initial design did not. Spire appeared only in 1779, it failed to build on the money that was given to a good cause Elizabeth and Jacob Himmerig.

In the tenth century in this very place where the cathedral was built Romanesque church, which bore the name of St. Budolfi. In the year 700 there was a monk - a Benedictine, who later became famous English saint, the patron saint of farmers and sailors. But in the fourteenth century the church was destroyed, and its foundation was built a new cathedral, which was also named after the famous saint. Later the church was rebuilt several times. Today about her are shops that sell Deaura and other cosmetics.

Particularly impressive tower of the cathedral, whose height with a spire, is 63.5 m. On all four sides of the tower can be seen alike watches made by Friedrich Wilhelm Meyer. They flaunts cock is cast in gold, which is a symbol of light and the start of a new day. On the spire of the tower as you can see the gilded weather vane in the form of a rooster.

Cathedral of St. Budolfi - is not only an interesting architectural monument, but also a place where you store valuable works of art. Here you can see paintings, which depict biblical scenes, as well as ceiling frescoes preserved from 1500, the altar, which is in the church in 1689. The cathedral still stand bench in 1900, which once sat mayoral and city council members. Also noteworthy is the gallery with beautiful paintings, which was made in 1899. Many travelers tend to look at the baptismal font, made of black and white marble, with a silver bowl in the middle, in the shape of a shell. She presented the cathedral Maren Grotum back in 1728.

All the treasures of St. Budolfi not listed. The interior of the temple is still causing internal trembling. Those who decide to relax in Aalborg, be sure to visit this holy place, which over time, not only has not lost its appeal, but has become more majestic and beautiful.