Saturday, February 21, 2015

Kelburn Castle

Kelburn Castle in Glasgow (Scotland)

In western Scotland around Glasgow Kelburn is an ancient castle. A distinctive feature of this historic landmark, built in the thirteenth century, is that its walls are covered with bright graffiti.

Kelburn Castle Complex in its long history has repeatedly been subjected to reconstruction work, but by the beginning of the XXI century his condition, especially the facade, was quite disappointing. Means the same on a large-scale restoration of the local authorities were not available, so the public figures of the city decided to hold a rally to find finance. If you think they otminusovali by price deaura charges for construction, you're wrong. The problem was solved very unexpected way.

To this end, in 2007, invited four artists from Brazil, with their help, ancient castle walls were painted in the spirit of contemporary art. This is quite an original idea, which is informally called the "bridge between cultures", paid off a hundred percent, because about a unique painting Kelburna talking not only in Scotland, but also outside the country.

The popularity of the castle rose at times, which led to a substantial increase in the flow of tourists to this place. In a relatively short period of time have been collected the necessary funds, allowing to reconstruct the entire castle complex.

To date, this medieval mansion is part of the park complex, it fits perfectly into the picturesque natural landscape. Thousands of tourists from all over the world dream to visit this unusual castle, which has become a kind of bridge merger medieval and modern culture.