Saturday, February 21, 2015

Vintage Pearl

Lund - Vintage Pearl Scandinavia (Sweden)

In the southern part of Sweden, lies the town of Lund, with a history spanning more than 11 centuries. According to archaeologists, in the Iron Age in this place was a settlement of ancient people. After a dozen or two centuries, namely in 990, the city was founded, called Lund. It is not known whether the masters erecting the city walls, work gloves, but that's what they were able to build by hand for centuries - it's a fact.

What you can see in Lund?
Travelers who have decided to visit this small town with a population of just over one hundred thousand people waiting vintage wall Lund Cathedral, a local university, which has more than four centuries, and other attractions, framed by magnificent scenery.

Bookmark Lund Cathedral was completed in 1103. Construction lasted for four decades, and upon its completion the cathedral was dedicated to St. Lawrence. The temple is regularly updated and rebuilt in 1424 on his wall were installed astronomical clock. After another couple of hundred years old temple became gradually acquire abandoned appearance that lasted until the early twentieth century. In 1910, the government organized Lund work on the restoration of the cathedral, and now the old building attracts the attention of tourists with its magnificent Gothic look.

The first schools were still in Lund at the cathedral, and it was in 1085. Over time, the city opened a few schools that are considered forerunners of the University of Lund. The official date of its foundation established in 1666. Of the buildings that have been preserved only in a former library, built of red brick. Today, there are cafes and service of the cathedral.

Of modern attractions to be mentioned headquarters of the legendary "Tetra Pak", which produces packaging, packaging equipment and other goods, as well as a research center Sony Mobile Communications.