Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bunratty Castle

Bunratty Castle in County Clare (Ireland)

The most attractive Castle Ireland - Bunratty Castle is located in County Clare. With the Irish word "Bunratty" can be translated as "mouth of the river." Once upon a time, in 970, at the place where the castle was built, has a sales Viking camp. The first fortification was done by the Normans in 1250. But the real stone castle appeared only once in 1275, Thomas de Klerk received the land from the King Edward.

However, in 1318 there was a significant battle between the Normans and the Irish, in which enemies leveled not only the castle itself, but also all the adjacent city. In 1425, O'Brien clans and McNamara again rebuilt the famous castle, during the war in 1646, he again was destroyed and then rebuilt. The castle changed owners all the time, the last owners left it in 1804. Since then, the building was abandoned, but in the XX century it became clear that, despite the time, the castle is well preserved, and restore it will be relatively easy. In addition, fill the interiors "antique" in Ireland is as easy as to buy furniture in St. Petersburg. Already in 1954, was completed large-scale restoration, from the time Bunratty Castle became one of the most popular destinations among tourists.

Near the castle stretches gorgeous park where you can look at the old farmer and fishermen's houses, which tell about the lives of ordinary Irish people of the XVIII century. Some of the buildings were simply transferred from different parts of the country. Houses, thatched mill, blacksmith shop, pets, and, of course, the villagers in traditional costume, which in the eyes of the visitors are engaged in various crafts, their furnace stoked with peat, bake them cakes and fragrant treat them tourists. There are houses like poor people and more prosperous, decorated with beautiful tableware, i.e. you can actually see how they lived once the representatives of different social classes.

Also, all the guests waiting for an unforgettable sight - a medieval banquet. Tourists are seated at the table, and were treated to a variety of delicacies. And there is only need hands, as at the time did not know about the existence of spoons and forks. Dishes bring girls dressed in national costumes, guest guest musicians play their hearing delight singers.

Bunratty Castle - a godsend for the tourist: a historic building, whose age is estimated not in the tens and hundreds of years, which not only impresses with its grandeur, but also helps to plunge into the past, and it is now in the world of technology, when we see only the Middle Ages in pictures.