Saturday, February 21, 2015


Cathedral of Christ Church, Oxford (UK)

Very interesting Christ Church Cathedral. At the time, he became famous as the smallest cathedral in Britain, but now the status of a cathedral and gave other small parish church, so the title passed to him.

In the VIII century, was built by Saxon monastic church, which was founded by Saint Fridesvida, which was considered the patroness of Oxford. But from this church is nothing left. That building, which can be seen today, was founded in the XII century Augustinian monks. But in 1525 when the influential Cardinal Thomas Wolsey ordered to abolish the Priory of St. Fridesvidy, and in this area has created a "College of Cardinals." But in 1529 he lost his power, so the building is not finished. In 1531, Henry VIII made him a college that bore his name, and later, in 1546, he became the Christ Church College.

The tower of the cathedral is one of the oldest in Britain. It is believed that the lower part refers to the XII century, and the top - XIII century. Noteworthy is the ceiling of the church, which, together with the ceiling space Divinity School considered the most beautiful examples of fan overlap.

One of the oldest stained glass window is Beckett. It was made in 1320. This is one of the few surviving images Archbishop of Canterbury Thomas Becket, who was killed in 1170 by order of the king. The enraged monarch ordered to destroy all the images of the Archbishop, but the stained glass miraculously survived because instead of a face in a regular glass insert. After some time the image again acquired original appearance.

Also noteworthy Holy Fridesvidy cancer, which was built in 1289. It was the power of the Holy. But in 1538, during the famous Reformation, it, like other relics of saints, destroyed. In 1870, unable to find the remains of the cancers that are exhibited in the gallery in 1985. In 2002, reconstructed the shrine.

Directly behind the shrine can see the window, made in honor of the Holy Fridesvidy, which created a master Edward Burne-Jones in 1858. On one panel you can see the image of the ship shower, which carries the Holy heaven. Visible just below the "Tree of Knowledge" and "Tree of Life". On the other panels, which can count 16, showing various scenes from the life of Fridesvidy.

Christ Church Cathedral - a unique historic building, which is to pay attention, because and the interior and exterior, and an interesting story cannot fail to interest all those who decided to get acquainted with this England.