Saturday, February 21, 2015

Temple of the Sacred Heart

Temple of the Sacred Heart on Mount Tibidabo (Spain)

Barcelona - a great city, the pearl of Spain. To see it in all its glory, with a bird's-eye view, you need to go to Mount Tibidabo and visit the Temple of the Sacred Heart.
On the mountain and an interesting legend associated Basilica. Everyone remembers that the Bible describes the temptation of Christ. Catalans believe that at this point the devil moved Jesus to the top of Mount Tibidabo and showed him all the beauty of this world, promising him everything. In Latin the word "give you" sounds like "tibi dabo" ("Tibidabo"), hence the name of the mountain. But Christ could not resist the temptation, Sacred Heart did not bother beauty, it has remained steadfast, and Jesus gave the world ordinary people. This is reminiscent of the statue of Christ, which is crowned by the Temple of the Sacred Heart, which, as it embraces the whole world.

At the end of the 19th century there was an idea to build this Temple Mount Tabidabo. On the choice of the place did not have long to wonder. Work on the construction of the temple began in 1902, led them architect Enrico Sagner-and-Vilyavekchia. After some time, his father passed to his son, Jose Maria Sagner, who completed the construction of the basilica in 1961.

Due to the fact that the building was built relatively recently, it's not like the old traditional Catholic churches: no colorful, luxury, all more or less ascetic. Nevertheless, the Church is striking in its beauty. The building was made in the Gothic and Romanesque style. The basis for the top of the church, made of light stone crypt is square in shape.

Facade conceived so that it seems - the whole building tends upwards. This illusion is created and through narrow windows, turrets, directed upwards, and lancet arches. Decoration of the church are statues of the Apostles, the Virgin and the patron of Catalonia. Above the main altar you can see a crucifix made by Joan Puigdollers. Walls and ceilings are lined with alabaster Temple, and gives them a special beauty bright mosaic with which depicted biblical scenes.

On the central tower stands gilded statue of Christ, whose outstretched arms ready to defend the world. You can climb to the observation deck, built at the feet of Christ, and from a height of 575 meters to explore the area. From fascinating species will be breathtaking.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart - an architectural masterpiece, the building is striking in its beauty and originality. No wonder Pope John gave her a high status - Small papal basilica, which it is worthy.