Wednesday, February 11, 2015

US Festival Costumes

Comic-Con the largest in the US Festival Costumes

One of the biggest festivals that are held in the United States, is a festival Comic-Con, held in San Diego. Its history began in 1970, when for the first time on the streets of American cities gathered fans of comic books and movies to show off the costumes of superheroes, the creation of which takes sometimes more than one month.

Bright page in the history of the festival in San Diego and is inscribed in 2013, after the festival brought together participants from all over the world. Modern holiday - it's not just a parade of extravagant costumes, but also to highlight the most important events from the world of pop culture, film and television.
Comic-Con is considered the largest of its kind festivals that take place in America, globally it ranks third after France and Japan. It is not surprising that such a grand event can see the stars of the first magnitude. Festival guests have the opportunity to attend the press conferences of celebrities, see the interesting design solutions latest collections.
Participants of the last Comic-Con audience amazed diversity of its orders, each strove to outdo each other in the original design decisions of his costume. In recent years, more and more guests of the festival can see unusual costumes heroes of computer games. With specific regard to the characters, then at Comic-Con present dozens Rossomah, Superman, and many Transformers. The festival is very popular among tourists, because each of them here will become a sea of ​​positive emotions.