Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Parade Hats 2014 (USA)

Parade Hats in New York 2014


 In New York, traditionally held each year hits extravagant hats. Was no exception and in 2014, on April 20 Fifth Avenue took the unusual procession, which was attended by people with fancy hats.
Numerous tourists could see the hats, made in the form of giant flowers, cartoons, animals, birds and architectural structures. Well, of course, not without hats reminiscent of Easter eggs, because on that day the whole Christian world celebrated the Passover.
History extravagant hats parade originates in the eighties of the nineteenth century, it was in those days, prominent New York church ladies after Easter Mass in a hurry on the main street of the city to show off in their luxurious hats.
This tradition with each decade has found more and more fans among New Yorker's, and among his guests. To date, the parade has become a democratic, inclusive and fun, although it is quite condemned believers. In his defense, the demonstrators say that the easier it is necessary to look at things, enjoying life, because it's already twenty-first century.
At the parade of hats, which took place in 2014, it was possible to see a lot of colors and clowns, as well as live rabbits, because the main symbol of the march is considered the Easter Bunny.
Unspoken rule extravagant parade of hats is that the crazier and more original headdress, the better, because this holiday is always welcome a flight of fancy.