Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Iditarod (USA)

Iditarod test of endurance and Fortitude


Witnesses popular Sled Dog Race annually become snowy expanses of Alaska. In the first half of March, it attracts participants from different parts of the world, which, in order to be a winner, to overcome a difficult and grueling path whose length ranges from two thousand miles away.
Icy test can without exaggeration be called a very cruel, because both people and animals have to literally fight for survival.
In races, usually involves some hundred harnesses in which for various reasons may be from twelve to sixteen dogs.
Many riders, which is also called Musher, take part in these races is not so much for a fee, which is measured in tens of thousands of dollars, so in order to get a shot of adrenaline and a lot of fun, and check yourself for endurance.
In these competitions, no one is left without a gift. Even the last team came and she was awarded a prize. Thus, the organizers stress that all dogs, even the slowest valuable. Of course, it is only about sled dogs, because such breeds such as the Chow or poodles for competitions are not allowed.
It happens that during the races happen very unpleasant oddities involving moose. The fact that these animals often attack the racing dogs on the trail. Interfere with the proper conduct of the race can also warm weather. In such cases, the event is transferred to the next stage.
History of the emergence of competition "Iditarod" which, for some reason, many people call "Iditarod" can be called heroic. They are held in memory of the messengers, who managed five days to twenty-sledding in frost deliver from the capital to the city of Nome, where she began to rage diphtheria serum necessary. Thus, they were able to save two thousand population of the city.
Today the route that are members of the race, with the old road leading to the town of Nome, coincides only partially, but this does not diminish the significance of the event.