Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Whale Festival Show (South Africa)

Whale Festival in bright Show Giant Animals

(South Africa)

In the small town of Hermanus is located on the coast of South Africa, east of Cape Town, is held annually in September Festival whales. Since the middle of the summer and until October, dozens of whales come into the bay, which is close to Hermanus. This phenomenon is considered to be a natural landmark bright edge, many tourists come here to see how whales live here and raise their young.

During the festival, almost all the rocks that surround the bay of Walker Bay, busy curious observers, because the whales during this period swim very close to the shore, and they put on a show, bobbing on the waves and releasing water fountains.
Often during this period, tourists lined up along the coast in the chain, which reaches a length of five kilometers. To take the best place to watch, you need to get up early, because in the morning and people on the shore is not much, and whales at dawn come very close to the shore. For festival participants who had not managed to take a favorable disposition, organizers arrange cruises on the ocean.
It should be noted that the tourists at the festival can not only admire the whales, but also listen to interesting lectures about the life and habits of these majestic animals, see the musical and theatrical performances, take part in sports marathons.
Without attention will not remain here and children, they are organized various competitions and exhibitions. Festival participant’s whales can visit artists' studios and watch them work.