Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Moonlight Shadow

Villa "Moonlight Shadow"


Resorts located on the tropical islands have always been distinguished by its magnificence. But if earlier there could rest only very rich people, but now the number of potential visitors to resorts like seriously expanded. For those who are looking for something truly luxurious and unique, there is Villa Moon Shadow ("Moonlight Shadow"), located in Thailand. She repeatedly pointed to the award-winning architectural exhibitions, and came through the efforts of the construction team Neo Concept Design & Construction, which includes not only architects, engineers and designers. As for the name, the phrase "Moon Shadow" in harmony with the very appearance of the Thai gems.

Villa nestled on the island of Koh Samui, but many people prefer the beaches of Pattaya. Feeling that this land is made ​​for a perfect holiday. The building consists of three pavilions where you can find four separate rooms, each of which is able to please the visitor a perfect view of the ocean. There is also a unique panoramic swimming pool, which extends from the living room of the main pavilion. All this creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and unity with tropical nature. You may want to spend time on an open balcony or walk down to this beach.

Tourists here will not be anything need. Specially trained staff is ready to quickly solve all the problems and meet the needs of every tourist. For staff even built a separate building where people live on a permanent basis. Villa Manager again is always there and helps to deal with emerging challenges.

Private Villa "Moonlight Shadow" can be rented at any time of the year and at any time, but should take care of pre-presence of the necessary amount of money. The cost of living depends on the season, ranging from $ 1,090 to $ 1,790. And that's just for one night, but the pleasure is worth it.