Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Tyamskie Tower Nagar

Tyamskie Tower Nagar


Tyamskie Po Nagar Tower - a unique building, built a long time ago, between the VII and XII centuries. Despite his advanced age, they are perfectly preserved. The Vietnamese believe that this is a strong spiritual place, so here are carried out not only Buddhist ceremonies, but also various rituals.

Once upon a time there were eight towers, but remained only four of them. Before entering the complex was mandapa or hall for meditation that supports multiple columns. And now you can see 10 of them. Code something from here, thousands of people fell to the magical towers, but was later built another staircase to the many tourists did not destroy the ancient steps.

Particularly impressive is the North Tower Thap Chin, 23 meters in height. Inside it is a brick hall and lobby, which can be called an example tyamskoy architecture. Once upon a time in this place there was a temple, but they destroyed the Malay pirates. After some time, the minister of King -That Harivarmana I named Pangro in 817, ordered the construction of this building. In 965, instead of the lost relic’s stolen Rouge mukha links, stored here, King Jaya Indravarman ordered to put a figure of Uma (Shiva Shakti). It can be seen in the main hall. Black, made of stone goddess with ten arms, two of which she hides under her clothes, sitting, recoiling from the terrible monster.

No less richly decorated Thap Tay Bac, or the North-West Tower. Once it dedicated to Ganesha. Meu Dogg Nam (South Tower) was devoted Sandhake or Shiva, it is now stored linga. From the West Tower little survived. For the construction of the central tower have decided to use the bricks from the building, which stood here before. She was not as beautiful as the others.

Tourists who want to get in, must be suitable for the temple's clothing, but otherwise you'll have to put on the cloak of gray. Before entering you need to take off your shoes. Inside the towers catch the eye blackened walls black. There's the smell of incense.

Inspect these towers should be every tourist to visit the place because of spiritual power - it is a dream of millions, and it can easily be realized.