Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Castle in Anatolia

Alanya Castle in Anatolia


In the Turkish city of Anatolia, there are hundreds of fortresses, but his business card and probably one of the most memorable sights is the Alanya Castle. Few people know that for its stone walls hiding millennial history of bloody Turkish wars.

Many years have passed, and today Alanya Castle, losing their original status fortification, with their delicate ornaments on the walls is a luxurious decoration of all the Alanya peninsula. If you are interested in traveling to the sights, buy tickets to Turkey on shoptravel.kz.

Alanya peninsula has long been a strategically important seaport. It is noteworthy that the first reinforcement systems appeared on the island as early as the Hellenistic period. Alanya Castle, which today attracts thousands of tourists to the island from all over the world, was built in the Seljuk period.

Alanya Castle was built in the XIII century after the conquest of the city by the Seljuk ruler Kay Kubad I. Before the conquest of the city was called Kalonoros, but soon the Sultan renamed the city after himself, giving him the name of Alanya. He made the city of Alanya his winter capital, as well as Mediterranean naval base.

Program for the construction of fortifications Sultan include external walls of the fortress, the Citadel and the Red Tower. Luxury Sultan Palace was built three years after the conquest of the city, using stones built on the island structures.

After the island was half the power of the Ottoman Empire, the Alanya peninsula ceased to be purely defensive. For exterior walls settlements began to appear, and many traditional Ottoman houses built here in the XIX century.

Today, Alanya Castle is a national treasure of Turkey. In 2009, she was included in the World Heritage List of UNESCO.