Tuesday, February 17, 2015

House Hermit on River

House Hermit on the Drina River


Among the most popular tourist attractions of Serbia number of very ugly at first sight architectural oddity that has become a true symbol of perseverance. Of course, we are talking about the house hermit, whiling away their days in splendid isolation in the middle of the river Drina, located near the town of Bajina Basta.

House, balancing on the edge of the cliff, was built in the 60s on the initiative of several swimmers who wish to provide for themselves during the race cozy place to relax. And the foundation for a wooden house did not have to build - building stands on a rock, which serves as a natural base.

Necessary Materials rushed by boat, so in the shortest line walls were erected, and then the roof. For a long time the existence of a very unusual attractions secluded knew only locals, but for the world community the existence of the house hermit was a huge surprise, after a National Geographic published his photos.

Lonely house-haven have repeatedly had to engage in a duel with huge waves, strong winds and summer heat. Yet, despite the many trials, tiny construction manages to remain a winner. True, he can always count on great support from the local population, which every time, if necessary, restore it in a hurry.

Through the joint efforts for nearly fifty years, house hermit, which in tourist guidebooks remembered as a unique natural complex, unencumbered benefits of civilization, happy with their presence not only locals but also many tourists.