Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Castle in Lviv

Zolochevsky Castle in Lviv


Zolochevsky castle, which is located in zolochev (Lviv region), of course, is a unique architectural monument of the XVII century. Today the castle serves as a museum-reserve, which is included in the popular tourist route "Golden Horseshoe of Lviv region."

The history of the castle dates back to 1634, when the Italian architect Jakub money Sobeskokogo was built a fortress. Later Zolochesvsky castle after numerous repairs and acted as the living room, and as barracks and as a torture chamber. Only in 1989 Zolochevsky castle completely renovated, and at the initiative of B. Voznytsky in 2004 in its walls was opened a museum dedicated to Oriental art.

Looking at Zolochevsky castle, you might think that is not as impressive architecturally attraction is not worth visiting. But those who really want to feel the atmosphere of ancient times, is definitely worth a visit this attraction, because every corner of her talk about the difficult, yet interesting part of this fortress Lviv. For a long time the castle served as a powerful defensive system against the Tatars and Turks.

Zolochevsky Castle made in the style of defensive structures, combining the functions of both defensive and residential buildings. For defensive structures are Zolochiv castle ramparts, bastions, gate towers and ravelins. In this case, in its original form was able to remain a bastion of the case, as well as bastions

Chinese palaces and large - are two parts that make up the Zolochiv Castle. Grand Palace after the restoration work serves as a museum. The museum exhibits acquaint visitors with the history of the castle and its restoration period, as well as times when the walls of the castle were barracks for the military. The castle begins to acquire the features of the royal residence times of Jan III Sobieski.

To the Chinese Palace are underground passages. It is noteworthy that the Chinese Palace - is the only piece of architecture in Ukraine East. Today the palace is also a museum where you can see the mysteries of oriental culture. Among the exhibits of special interest are the Japanese graphics, oriental fabrics and Egyptian sarcophagi. Also, there are exhibits Turkey, Indonesia, and many other eastern countries.