Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Great Bell in Moscow

Ivan the Great Bell in Moscow


One of the most magnificent buildings of the sixteenth century, is considered to be Ivan the Great Bell, located on Cathedral Square in the center of Moscow Kremlin. This unique attraction of the Russian capital consists of the three-tiered pillars, based on designs which are elongated octagons, put one on the other and decreasing in size towards the top.
Each of the decorated terrace with an open gallery, with archways in the last placed bell. Number with gold stars crown the top octagonal structure, and then rushes up the cylindrical portion of the pillar that has false windows, which are painted dark paint.

Pillar of the bell tower, which ends gilded dome, made of brick, the foundation is a cap - white stone. Some experts argue that the depth of the foundation of the bell tower reaches the level of the bottom of the Moskva River.
Particularly noteworthy are the bells that are unique monuments of Russian art foundry. They are decorated with various inscriptions and bas-reliefs telling about the wizard and date of casting bells.

At the time of Ivan the Great bell tower has served as the main watchtower of the Moscow Kremlin, and with its height it was possible to explore the surrounding area within a radius equals nearly thirty kilometers.
An interesting fact is that the French troops, retreating from Moscow, decided to blow up the bell tower, but the main part of the structure survived the test of this complex. To date, the Ivan the Great Bell is a museum complex, and its powerful bells are used for their intended purpose during church services. Bell tower every day visited by thousands of tourists and visitors of the capital, some may also issue a work visa to Russia in Moscow.