Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Castle in Hillerod

Frederiks borg Castle in Hillerod


City Hillerod famous, above all, the fact that here is one of the most famous castles in Denmark, which has become for many a symbol of the Danish monarchy. Visiting Frederiksborg - this is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the life of Danish monarchs. Here you can see the magnificent tapestries, wooden furniture, a collection of knightly shields, as well as paintings and Family Coat of Arms. But the rooms themselves are noteworthy. Decorated with gold leaf, interesting paintings on religious themes, various reliefs and moldings, they are permanently etched in my memory. Frederiksborg Castle is famous for the fact that from 1671 to 1840 years, only here and nowhere else, all crowned rulers of Denmark.

The first building built by King Frederick II in 1560, but then it was called .In 1599 another ruler, his son, Christian IV, engaged in the reconstruction of the castle, and decided to rename it to Frederiksborg in honor of his father. On his orders, dilapidated walls torn down and built new ones. Renovated building get much more to the same majestic and impressive. But the war with Sweden (1657-1659) began to Frederiksborg Castle is not the happiest time, because He was captured and plundered. After it was reconstructed, but in 1665 a fire damaged many buildings. But the castle was restored again, and by the seventeenth century it became like a museum because of the large number of works of art collected under its roof.

In the 1850s Frederiksborg Castle became the residence of King Frederick VII. To the palace was always warm and cozy, worked 90 fireplaces. But it is precisely because of one of these fireplaces December 17, 1859 there was a large fire. Survived only House for Hearing and the wing that housed the chapel, and the magnificent collections were destroyed by fire. After the fire began to collect money for the restoration of the building. Donated a large sum of local philanthropist Jacob Jacobsen. But he agreed to part with their money only after receiving his promise to make the castle museum.

So from February 1, 1882, anyone can walk through the halls of the castle, which is really a museum. Masters recreated building the surviving drawings and plans. Before working interviewed everyone who has ever been in the castle to find out all the details of the situation of the burnt castle. Therefore, you can be sure that a relatively new building - an exact copy of the old castle. The castle also has a site dnm.dk, which is engaged in the private optimizer.

Those who are interested in the life of royalty and would like to see for the room great monarchs who have a passion for art (on the upper floors paintings by artists of the 20th and 21st century) should definitely visit the famous castle of Frederiksborg, gladly accept all comers.