Monday, February 16, 2015

Museum Heineken

Museum Heineken Experience in Amsterdam


Agree that there is something mysterious in the beer taste better beer samples. Products pivovaritelny Dutch company Heineken is definitely one of them. Pivovaritelny plant was opened in Amsterdam in 1864, and today is a multinational company Heineken, which is among the top three producers of beer in the world.

Throughout its existence the company has, by and large, remained the most family-owned company with Charlene de Carvalho-Heineken, which owns a controlling stake in the company, and her husband Michel Rey on the board. The rich history of success pivovaritelny of Heineken was introduced to the masses in the old Amsterdam brewery, which now serves as a museum Heineken Experience with a variety of exhibits and attractions.

In 1988, the company closed the old Heineken brewery in Amsterdam, after which it decided to conduct small tours for beer fans around the world. For a nominal fee you can find all necessary information about the beer company Heineken. In 2008, tickets went up, and what used to be like a small campaign to promote the brand, now is a real tourist attraction. After the museum mainly sent to tour the canals of Amsterdam.

In the renovated museum with a modern interior still feel the spirit of history. The architecture of the XIX century, authentic interiors, old photos, state awards, received the Heineken family, and even the famous gold medal, which is awarded to Heineken at the Paris World Exhibition in 1889 - all of this can be seen in the walls of tourists Heineken.

Perhaps the museum arouse great interest only real admirers of beer, but other tourists also worth a visit this museum. At least you can see the funny black and white ad where a man floating in the pool filled with beer and depicts a beer bottle.